Shadowing at ACDS

Big Buddy Mentorship Elementary students


After you apply, the shadowing opportunity at ACDS gives your child a valuable chance to experience our school by attending classes, interacting with our teachers, and spending time with fellow students who would be future classmates. Your student will be warmly welcomed and included in all class activities and will even have their own dedicated "shadow buddy."

Student Shadow Dates

Students entering first through seventh grades will shadow for two consecutive days in their current grade. Students applying to Junior Kindergarten or Kindergarten will be invited to shadow for one day in the Early Childhood Education program. Once we receive your application, we will contact you to schedule your child’s shadow date(s) and ask you to fill out a shadow student information form. Once the shadow dates are scheduled, please complete the form and return it to the Admissions Office at least 36 hours before the start of the first shadow day.

Student Shadow Experience

For students applying to first through seventh grades, the school day is from 8am to 3pm. For students applying to Junior Kindergarten or Kindergarten, the school day is from 8am to noon. On your child’s first shadow day, please bring your student to the front office between 7:50 and 8am. Your student may go directly to his/her homeroom class the second day. Pick-up is at 3pm on the blacktop side of the elementary classrooms or for middle school shadows, pick up is located at the corner of Trinidad Drive and the exit to the ACDS parking lot. Pick up for students shadowing in the Early Childhood classrooms will be outside the Preschool or Junior Kindergarten classrooms. 

FAQs for Students Applying to First to Seventh Grades

a. What happens during the shadow days? Your child will have a “shadow buddy” who will guide your child through the day’s regular classes. Your child will have the same homework and class assignments as the other students. Please make certain he/she brings the homework to class the second day.

b. What should my child bring? Your child should wear his/her typical school clothes and bring a snack and a lunch, if you aren’t purchasing a hot lunch ($5.75 - $7.00) for the day. Many children also bring a backpack with some paper and pencils, but all additional materials will be provided. When you bring your child to school, please turn in to the office a copy of your child’s report card for the last two years and any standardized testing and educational evaluations your child may have completed, if not already submitted.

c. Will my child go through special academic screening? No. The purpose of the shadow is for the school to determine where your child is within the ACDS curriculum and whether he or she is a "fit" for the school, and for your child to determine if ACDS is the right place for him/her. The class work and homework that your child completes will be used to determine if he/she is at the appropriate level for our academic program.

d. Sixth grade applicants only: Since my child is applying to sixth grade but shadowing in fifth, will he/she be able to spend any time in sixth grade? Yes, your student will spend two class periods in sixth grade, usually during the second shadow day.

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