From Our Head of School

Children Thrive Here

Ole Jorgenson

This is Almaden Country Day School’s 37th year of shaping confident, balanced, eager learners. Our instructional methods have evolved considerably since 1982 to help young people meet the demands of a changing world, but our philosophy and mission remain true to the vision of our founder, Nan Hunter: At ACDS, we discover the gifts in every child. 

Children thrive at Almaden Country Day School because we provide a balanced, joyful, high-opportunity learning environment, one where invention, wonder, imagination, resilience, empathy and agency are as important as finding the answers. These are qualities our parents prize, as do the high schools our graduates attend, because they orient ACDS alumni toward both success and fulfillment in their lives. Today’s stressful, fast-paced, ever-changing world can overwhelm children and parents alike; Silicon Valley needs Almaden Country Day School. 

Our key to shaping poised, engaged, successful graduates — 100% of whom were admitted this year by the private high schools to which they applied — is the balance we strike between joy and rigor. We believe these two goals are not mutually exclusive. To the contrary; it's absolutely possible to challenge and stimulate children and prepare them to thrive in college-preparatory high schools, while helping them love learning and have fun at school. We've been doing it for 37 years!

Is your family a good fit for Almaden Country Day School?

Well, if you believe that childhood is to be cherished, not accelerated; if you want your children to be as interested in problems as they are in solutions; if you value balance in your child’s life; if you seek a close-knit community that celebrates character, creativity, ingenuity, play and determination as much as achievement; and if you want to foster in your children a love of learning as well as potent academic skills -- then yes, you could be an ACDS family. I encourage you to explore our site and, better yet, visit us and see why children thrive here.

With warm regards,

Dr. Olaf Jorgenson
Head of School