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From exciting campus events, academic achievements, sporting victories to conversations with leading experts, ACDS is always abuzz. Learn more about our vibrant community below.

Students at the National Speech & Debate Tournament

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Cougar Byte Podcast

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If you'd like to contact Almaden Country Day School for interviews, editorials, and more, please contact the Director of Marketing Communications, Cathy Shin.

Head of School Publications

Dr. Olaf Jorgenson — a leader in the educational community — is actively involved in the education field. From speaking at conferences and publishing journal articles and books to serving as a Klingenstein field instructor, he's on the cutting edge of what's happening in education.

Girls working at computer

As parents seek schools balancing academic rigor and nurturing environments, ACDS offers a holistic approach emphasizing joy and self-worth alongside academic achievement, challenging prevailing beliefs about success and happiness.

Girls working at computer

Parents and teachers are like shift workers on the same job. At school, we see that students are best supported when parents and teachers are a team, coordinating to promote the social, emotional, and intellectual development of children.

Independent School Magazine Summer 2022 Issue

As in gymnastics, bull riding, and bicycle racing, when independent school leaders make an unscheduled dismount, leaving their positions suddenly—what NAIS research refers to as an “unplanned transition”—the result can be painful and costly to the head and the school community.

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