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Cougar Byte Podcast, "Raising Kids"

Cougar Byte Podcast, Raising Kids

Hosts: Syma Latif and Cathy Shin

Guests: Renowned Bay Area family therapist and parenting expert, Sheri Glucoft Wong, LCSW, and ACDS Head of School, Dr. Olaf Jorgenson

Kicking off Season 2, we are proud to have co-authors, renowned Bay Area family therapist and parenting expert Sheri Glucoft Wong, LCSW and Head of School Dr. Olaf Jorgenson on the Cougar Byte. This episode features their new parenting book, Raising Kids: An Essential Guide to Everyday Parenting which launches in late October 2022.

Sheri and Ole discuss how their book, Raising Kids, will help parents navigate both common and nuanced situations with their children, why they focused on "everyday parenting" for their book, and more. Raising Kids distills a wealth of parenting experience from Sheri's long-time family therapy practice and Dr. Jorgenson's many decades in education.  

You can also purchase the best-selling new release, Raising Kids, on


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