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Head of school co-authored new book release, "Raising Kids" with Bay Area family therapist Sheri Glucoft Wong

Head of school co-authored new book release, "Raising Kids" with Bay Area family therapist Sheri Glucoft Wong

Raising Kids: Your Essential Guide to Everyday Parenting is written by a unique team: popular San Francisco Bay Area family therapist and parenting consultant, Sheri Glucoft Wong, and Almaden Country Day School head, Dr. Olaf Jorgenson.

These authors offer parents upbeat, empowering guidance that covers the what, why, and how of effective parenting, providing easy-to-grasp tools and language that have already benefited thousands of parents.

What this book isn’t: A typical parenting book packed with theories or generic prescriptions
What this book isA positive, practical guide that helps parents harness what’s already working well and apply it to their challenges in daily life with kids

In Raising Kids, Glucoft Wong and Jorgenson provide essential guidance for parents as they move through the challenges of everyday life with children, including but not limited to:

  • How being “on your spot” is the basis for effective parenting. The authors explain what this means, and how “parenting on your spot” leads to clear communication and encourages your kids’ cooperation over common struggles about screens, bedtime, meals and more.
  • How to set limits without feeling (or being!) mean. Often, parents dread being “the bad guy” when they set limits. But actually, teaching kids about boundaries is a loving thing to do. The authors address misconceptions about limit-setting (for instance, you can be both firm and kind!), and explain why “no” is an important part of a balanced developmental diet for kids.
  • How learning to handle the small stuff of everyday life at home gives kids what they need to handle the big stuff. The authors show how parenting in daily life holds the key to giving children the skills and sturdiness they need to deal with what life dishes out.
  • What it means to have “true self-esteem,” and how kids get it. Parents are surprised to discover that self-esteem includes equal parts compassion and confidence. Glucoft Wong and Jorgenson explain how “true self-esteem” operates, and how parents can help kids develop it.
  • What parents can do to strengthen their children’s resilience. This is the most common question parents ask the authors, especially since the pandemic. Sheri and Ole explain why children need to exercise their “disappointment muscles” in everyday life at home to build coping skills and resilience.

Raising Kids was released on October 25, 2022 and is available at Amazon and all major booksellers.


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