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Cougar Byte Podcast, "Magical Math"

Wait…Math is magical? It can be! In the latest episode of the Cougar Byte, middle school math teachers, Ms. Ka Ng and Mrs. Catie Weston, along with Head of Middle School Mr. Jeremy Adams, discuss math including how it is taught in the middle school, how elementary math curriculum Bridges dovetails into the College Preparatory Math (CPM) used in middle school, how they strive to make math fun, the future of math, and more. We hope you enjoy it!

Hosts: Syma Latif and Cathy Shin

Guests: Jeremy Adams, Head of Middle School, Ka Ng, Middle School Math Teacher, and Catie Weston, 7th and 8th Grade Math Teacher

“ of the ways I can be more effective as a teacher is to actually be less helpful...It's important that we do not rob our students of the opportunity to struggle because it's in the struggle that their cognition is kicking in and they're really learning."

...math is more fun here because we actually try to understand it and not just memorize.- Ka Ng

"Everybody does math. It's fun, we love it!" - Catie Weston



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