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Tree Hugging Challenge for Earth Day

Tree Hugging Challenge for Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, this year landing on Friday, April 22, 2022, science teachers Mr. Gary DeMoss and Mr. Paul Justiniano will lead the students in a fun but important project called the Hug-a-Tree Challenge

The Sempervirens Fund, a club that originated in the early 1900s (and to which we owe credit for creating the Big Basin State Park), is leading the reforestation charge for the Santa Cruz Redwoods. In partnership with retailer and co-op REI, the Sempervirens Fund is encouraging people to post pictures of themselves hugging trees on Instagram with the aims to set a world record for most tree hugging photos posted in one hour. For every “tree hugging” photo posted and tagged with #hugatreechallenge in one hour on 4/22/22 from Noon to 1PM PST, REI will donate $1 toward the reforestation efforts. 

Mr. DeMoss and Mr. Justiniano will take and post photos of the students hugging trees this Friday in celebration of Earth Day. Follow @almadencountrydayschool on Instagram to watch the challenge in action. Will you join their efforts? 


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