Almaden Country Day School Launches Campaign to Bring Upcoming Fisher Event Center to Life

With the construction of the Fisher Event Center on track for a grand opening this fall, Almaden Country Day School (ACDS) recently announced a five-week fundraising effort to complete the project. 

Starting March 4, the “Help Outfit Our Place to Play” campaign will raise critical resources to outfit the building with athletics and drama equipment to bring the facility fully to life. 

Head of School Dr. Ole Jorgenson shares his thoughts: “The Fisher Event Center has been on the ACDS wish list for four decades! As it takes shape before our eyes, we can start to envision how it will enrich and extend the student experience -- a stage on par with our world-class drama program, for example, and the rush of excitement and school spirit when we gather for the first time for home athletic contests. I have a feeling that this majestic building will be transformative in ways we can't imagine yet. I can't wait to find out!”

Named for the family of Jeff and Edie Fisher--longtime passionate supporters and parents of alumni, Edie a devoted volunteer and Jeff a trustee for nearly 20 years--the Fisher Event Center marks the first major step in a multi-phase plan to enhance the ACDS campus. School leaders prioritized this facility because of the support it will offer to three central elements of the ACDS experience: team-focused athletics, confidence-building drama, and for the first time, the ability for the entire school to gather together as a community. 

Campus planners asked architect Marty Hochroth, principal of Artik Art and Architecture and also the parent of two ACDS alumni, to envision the Center as the “living room” of the campus. The team expects the building to become a joyful hub of activity when it opens in the fall of 2021.

While major donors have generously come together to make the building itself possible, the school still has work to do to outfit the facility with the equipment and systems to bring the Fisher Event Center to life for students when it opens. This is the focus of the public phase of the capital campaign the school announced today.

Our school’s goal is to raise at least $300,000 this spring. This will provide for outfitting the Center with the highest priority equipment enabling drama and athletics activities to start in the fall. Additional funds raised will limit or eliminate the need for the school to temporarily rent additional equipment to bring programs to full speed.

The design of the Fisher Event Center has focused on supporting and amplifying the unique ACDS student experience from its inception. Derek McIntyre, Director of Athletics and Student Life Activities, echoes Dr. Jorgenson’s prediction. “The Event Center is going to have a transformative impact on our school community that will benefit every student at ACDS. It is going to be amazing to see the amount of different activities that will take place inside this beautiful building, from games, to plays, to special events. This will no doubt bring our ACDS community closer together and highlight the wonderful things our students accomplish on a daily basis.”

Beyond simply supporting this exciting time in the history of the school, donors at various levels will also have an opportunity to personalize a brick paver in the name of their family or someone else whom they would like to honor. These brick pavers will form a new courtyard adjacent to the facility. 

The campaign will be underway from March 4, 2021 to April 9, 2021. For more information on participating, please visit

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