Cougar Byte Podcast, What Comes First, Happiness or Success?

Welcome to the first episode of the Cougar Byte, Almaden Country Day School's podcast, bringing meaningful conversations related to education and learning. In this episode, we discuss the topic of happiness and success and how they correlate.

Hosts: Syma Latif and Cathy Shin

Guests: Dr. Olaf Jorgenson, Head of School and Mrs. Julie Brown, 2nd Grade Teacher at ACDS

“When students get what they need and are allowed to be developing children, filled with joy and excitement, they become happy and triumphant learners.” - Mrs. Julie Brown

“It’s a choice of a school’s identity in what we value, and what we value at our school is relationships.”  - Dr. Olaf Jorgenson

“Happiness is purposeful, intentional and relational.” - Mrs. Julie Brown


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