Congratulations to Vivian for being Tynker's Featured Maker

Since launching coding into every K-8 classroom as part of the curriculum, students have been figuring out creative ways to share their learning in class, they create interactive games, and demonstrate their interests using Tynker.

Congratulations to fourth grader Vivian Lai for being selected as Tynker's Featured Maker! Over this past summer, one of the projects Vivian created was called "Don't cut down trees." The message that Vivian wanted to convey with this project was that trees are good for the environment and please don't cut them down. It garnered a lot of "likes" within the Tynker community and it caught the attention of the staff at Tynker. They loved it and showcased Vivian as a "Featured Maker" on Tynker. Tynker told us that Vivian was selected out of hundreds of kids who code on Tynker throughout the world!

Proud mom, Ange Lai remarked, "Thanks to ACDS, Vivian's interest in coding started when she was in 2nd grade under Mrs. Davis' guidance. Her love for coding continued ever since then!"

To read Tynker's interview with Vivian, follow this link to their blog: