There's an app for that: ACDS students show off their inventiveness at the App Fair

The App Fair, now in its sixth year, is truly fueled by the students. With their interest and dedication, coupled with direction and encouragement from teachers and parents, the students created javascript-based games and activities, as well as instructions for Lego robots to navigate a maze.

The Girls Who Code club was the primary presence at the App Fair. During their weekly club meetings, students learned to code simple javascript applications using Khan Academy's age-appropriate learning platform. Using this software, students created many interesting projects including animations, a candy heart that changes text with each mouse click, and an iPhone interface clone.

All of the Girls Who Code members were encouraged to build a website to feature their many projects using Google Sites. "I really enjoy building games," commented 6th grader Melissa de Waal. "I worked on some of my projects at home too because it's fun." Younger sister Maia de Waal also enjoys coding but is not yet in the Girls Who Code club. She expressed interest in coding as well so Mrs. Mary Beth Gay, Director of Technology mentors her whenever they can meet. "It's amazing to see so much budding talent and persistence. Coding is like learning another language, which is not an easy thing. The fact that these coders come in every week and even code with their parents at home shows passion and resilience."

The future of STEM education at ACDS is bright. Sequential learning objectives such as coding are woven across the curriculum making coding concepts a part of every student's education. The Girls Who Code club is now in its second year and participants are excited about learning computing and changing the gender gap in the IT industry. The new Imaginarium makerspace has provided a space for students to innovate and create the fascinating things they think up. With all this excitement and possibility, we're already looking forward to next year's App Fair.