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Campus Master Plan

Almaden Country Day School has been an integral part of San Jose’s educational landscape since 1982. As we look to our future, we envision a school empowered by the staff and spaces it needs to continue discovering the gifts in every child for our next four decades. It is that vision that drove us to create the Campus Master Plan.

Campus Master Plan Overview

Why Now?

In 2018, following the signing of a 70-year lease with the San Jose Unified School District, we were able to embark on a new and vital chapter in the evolution of our school and move forward with our long-term Campus Master Plan. Our campus is nearly 60 years old. Our educational programs have evolved beyond what our facilities can support and what our children need.

For ACDS to remain vibrant, healthy, and true to its mission, we know we must invest in new and updated facilities. Our revitalized campus will support and enhance the 21st-century ACDS learning experiences already underway for our students, far into the future.

Fisher Center Theater Elementary Students

Centered on Students

Fisher Event Center

Our community celebrated the opening of the new Fisher Event Center, a majestic multipurpose facility featuring a regulation high-school size gymnasium, a professional-grade performing arts stage, a modular classroom, changing rooms, offices, a servery, and storage.

Capitalizing on the success of the Fisher Event Center, over the coming years we'll continue to build more than a campus. We’ll create a vibrant, modern learning environment that matches the world-class instruction happening everyday at ACDS. In our evolving campus designs, everything about the brick and mortar is centered on the needs of our students -- their instruction, their inspiration, their recreation, their social lives, their security, and their overall personal development.

Flexible spaces embedded throughout the campus -- exemplified by the versatility of our new Fisher Event Center -- will allow our faculty to adapt their environment to 21st-century learning goals, and to tailor their teaching methods to meet the needs of the ACDS students of today and tomorrow. 

Fisher Event Center
Fisher Event Center
Fisher Event Center

Four Phases of Development

Our campus improvements will be completed in four phases:

Phase One: The Fisher Event Center, a multipurpose theater and gymnasium space. Completed in Fall 2021!
Phase Two: our new middle school and entrance to our campus
Phase Three: our new elementary school
Phase Four: a dedicated theater and new learning facilities to support our educational programs


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