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Top 8 Ways to Maximize Your School Open House Experience
Mary Jo Heindel


It's open house season, and with busy schedules, you’ll want to get the most from every school visit. Based on feedback from families who attended our open houses as well as personal experiences, here is our guide to maximizing your school open house visits.

  1. Register in advance.
  2. Arrive in plenty of time for a full tour.
  3. Allow an hour for your visit.
  4. Check in once you arrive.
  5. Have your list of questions ready - many will be answered during the tour and ask any unanswered questions at the end of the tour when you can be guided to a faculty member, administrator or parent to take your questions.
  6. Ask questions specifically related to your student’s interest such as sports, music, art, drama, speech, etc.
  7. Talk to as many representatives of the school as you can during your visit - teachers, administrators, parents, students and alumni.
  8. If you are interested in pursuing an application with the school, ask what else you need to do, and when the application is available and due.

Saturday Open Houses vs Weekday Open Houses

Saturday open houses offer an opportunity to speak with teachers, parents, administrators and students during non-school hours.

Weekday open houses allow for visitors to see teachers and students in action on a regular school day. Parents and administrators are available to answer questions. 

Enjoy your open house visits!

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