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Continuous Learning Defined

Continuous Learning (CL) is our custom-designed e-learning platform that translates our entire instructional program, grades Preschool to 8th — academics, social and emotional learning, enrichment courses such as hands-on science, art, music, drama, P.E. and world languages, and 49 middle school electives — to a proprietary remote learning resource accessible by ACDS families only. 

What Sets Continuous Learning Apart?

  • With Continuous Learning, our students enjoy e-learning interactions with teachers every single day. CL delivers a balanced, developmentally-appropriate core instructional program as well as a host of additional distance learning applications and resources for every class and grade level. 

  • Just as with on-campus learning at ACDS, our teachers modify CL to accommodate individual learning needs; they also provide social support, emotional care, and fun socializing with “Lunch Recess,” Big and Little Buddies, class meetings, the Talent Showcase, Advocacy and more.

  • We limit screen exposure according to the developmental readiness levels of different age groups. 

Parental Response to Continuous Learning

Parent response to CL was surveyed after we launched this distance learning program in 2020, and parents were overwhelmingly positive — nearly three-fourths of our families responded to the survey, and more than 85% of ratings were in the “very satisfied” or “satisfied” range. We believe this is because our e-learning program is not an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all product from a third party vendor; it is a custom, in-house, proprietary curriculum, designed by ACDS master teachers to meet the specific needs of our academically-capable, curious, motivated students.

As a result, ACDS Continuous Learning has been a huge success! As one family noted, “We have been so impressed with the amount of work everyone has put in to maintain academic standards for the students. I've been Zoom meeting with friends and colleagues from Hawaii to New York and none can share anything remotely close to what ACDS students are doing.”  

In Classrooms or Online - We Keep Our Promise to Parents

In the event that we need to return to online learning, we’ve continued to refine the Continuous Learning program so we can better meet student needs, and to assure that every child at ACDS is challenged, stimulated, and cared for, every day — just as we do in the classroom.

More than the program itself, however, our Continuous Learning story illustrates the ingenuity, resourcefulness, and incredible commitment of our talented faculty and staff, who not only created a totally new e-learning curriculum and parent resource microsite from scratch in just five days, but also developed a pioneering online instructional model that other schools have begun to emulate. Our school-wide focus remains providing a balanced learning experience with a rich array of subjects and choices, so that we can achieve the promise of our mission: discovering the gifts in every child, in classrooms and online.


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