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The Makerspace is a place to build what you can imagine. Student-centered and student-driven, students learn how to use a variety of tools from the manual to the high-tech to create what they can see in their heads.

Beginning in first grade, students can come and work on any project of their choosing. All students come as part of their class to learn to use a tool, create a project related to a content area and learn what is at their disposal in the space. This is a making space at its best. Much of the reusable materials are donated and recyclable. Students can refine their electrical understanding, as well as sew a dress made of duct tape and plastic bottles or cloth.

A 3-D printer, CNC router, vinyl cutter, hot wire styrofoam cutter, power tools, and more, give the students opportunities to experiment and manipulate materials in ways they haven’t tried before. Using the Design Thinking Process from the d.School at Stanford, students learn to problem solve, iterate and reiterate prototypes until they get something that works for themselves or others.

Examples of projects started and/or produced in the Makerspace include, but are not limited to:

  • Musical instruments constructed out of recycled materials
  • Arcade-style water bottle recycling stations
  • Signs, planters, and decorations
  • Miniature house dioramas for French
  • Weather reports using the green screen
  • Stage props for drama



The good thing about the Makerspace is that successes are awesome and the failures are comic relief.
Vidyut Hegde, STUDENT