Measuring Success

Measure Success

How does Almaden Country Day School measure success?

We believe in the importance of academic achievement; we're proud of our students' accomplishments as measured by conventional means: grades, standardized testing, and the excellent high schools and colleges to which our graduates matriculate.

Yet at ACDS, we believe "success" is more than academics. We aim to cultivate young people who wonder about problems and seek solutions, who interact collaboratively and respectfully with others, who persist through adversity, who are poised and hopeful and who strive to make the world a better place.

To cultivate (and measure) these attributes of success, ACDS is the only South Bay independent school that measures six critical 21st century skills in our students (curiosity, teamwork, resilience, ethics, creativity, and time management -- see the Mission Skills, below). We can use the results to improve our curriculum and prepare our students for a rapidly changing world.

At Almaden Country Day School, the ultimate goal of our measurements is to shape delightful young people: considerate, concerned, confident and ready to make significant contributions to the world-at-large. We prepare children to live extraordinary lives.