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Measuring Success

Graduation 2022


How does Almaden Country Day School measure success?

We believe in the importance of academic achievement; we're proud of our students' accomplishments as measured by conventional means -- grades, standardized testing, and the excellent high schools and colleges to which our graduates matriculate -- as well as developing 21st century skills like creativity and resilience that position them for success in high school and beyond.


Yet at ACDS, we believe "success" is more than academics. With a balance of academic rigor, character development, and joyful learning, we aim to cultivate young people who wonder about problems and seek solutions, who interact collaboratively and respectfully with others, who both ask questions and question answers, who persist through adversity, who are poised and hopeful and who strive to make the world a better place.

To evaluate our effectiveness, we employ multiple measures that help us assess both our outcomes and our methods, and continually refine instruction accordingly. We believe great schools are always becoming; measuring our success, whether through teacher-made tests, standardized assessment, our Expected School-Wide Learning Results, private high school placement, or the 21st Century Skills, is intrinsic to constantly improving our service to families and students. ACDS is always becoming, just like the students thriving and growing on our campus.

Ultimately when it comes to measuring our success, we strive to accomplish the promise set by our mission: to shape “delightful people — confident, kind, concerned, and ready to make significant contributions to our world.” At Almaden Country Day School, we prepare children to live extraordinary lives.