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Graduation Requirements

ACDS is committed to helping shape well-rounded learners with experience in a range of topics and interests. To support this goal, ACDS graduation requirements include: one Public Speaking course, one Community Involvement course, one Fine Arts / Drama course, and one Global / Cultural Awareness course, inclusive of World Languages. 

Public Speaking

Public Speaking Middle School

Our students are on stage and in front of class from preschool through graduation. Every middle school student must take Public Speaking, which introduces the fundamentals of public speaking. Students learn to research and write a speech, to utilize elements of nonverbal communication, and fundamental delivery skills.

Public Speaking Elective

Community Involvement

Community Involvement Middle School

Middle School students are offered the opportunity to contribute to the ACDS and wider community while taking Community Involvement elective courses. Students learn the importance of being an active member of their community, giving back through service, and acting as leaders for change while learning new skills.

Community Involvement Electives

Fine Arts / Drama

Drama Middle School

Performing arts at ACDS establishes a comfort with public performance that is later reinforced and refined delivering oral presentations. Our goal in our fine arts program is to help children explore their distinct creative talents, gain art knowledge (theory and history), build confidence, and apply their expressive skills in all aspects of their lives.

Fine Arts / Drama Electives

Global / Cultural Awareness

Global Awareness Middle School

ACDS is committed to educating students to be global citizens who are aware of and open to different countries and cultures. In addition to our language courses, we offer courses in politics, history, and travel to promote global citizenship and the understanding of how decisions can impact people around the globe.

Global / Cultural Awareness Electives