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Performing Arts

Our students feel like stars because they have a chance to shine!

Whether it’s performing on stage for one of our theater productions or singing full force to the entire school, our students have multiple opportunities to act, sing, dance and play instruments from the earliest grades.

The performing arts experience at ACDS establishes a comfort with public performance that is later reinforced and refined when our students deliver oral presentations in classes, and in Middle School when they take elective courses to satisfy our speech and debate graduation requirement. Our performing arts program develops proficiency and confidence in public speaking, which we believe is a critical skill set for ACDS students to obtain.


At ACDS, every child in elementary school has a speaking (and singing) role in a full-length musical theater production, at every grade level, in every performance.

We watch ACDS singers and actors experience “success in every production” through teamwork, fun and learning. The result is children who create close bonds with classmates, feel like stars, and wish the show would never end.


Sing, dance, drum, learn, find joy. From musical movement in our Pre-Kindergarten program to exciting electives in middle school, students learn the Orff music program, combining movement, instruments, speech, and song.


ACDS Band is rocking our campus. This before-school program teaches students to play flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet or percussion in a supportive and fun environment.

ACDS Youth Choir

This is a show choir for students who love to perform in Kindergarten - 4th grades. If you love to sing, this is the place for you! Rehearsals are held after school from 3:05pm - 4pm in the auditorium. 

ACDS Upper Choir

This is a choir for middle school students who love to sing and perform in grades 5 - 8. If you want to improve your voice, endurance, and want to learn how to harmonize with others, this is the club for you!