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From Preschool through 8th grade, the ACDS Music program is designed to help children discover their gifts and experience the excitement of music composition, history, theory, and performance.

Music at Almaden Country Day School is fun, engaging, and magical.

Our littlest ones enjoy Musical Movement

In Musical Movement, Early Childhood Education specialists engage our youngest children with fun lessons incorporating rhythmic patterning and exercise to build coordination, muscle tone and motor skills.

Making music in Elementary School

In Elementary Music class, children learn and practice a range of vocal ensemble pieces, and have opportunities to share their soloist and instrumental talents on a weekly basis.

Lessons in music theory, history and performance are shaped with the goal of making music a joyful part of students’ lives. Children have daily opportunities to make music together, featuring methodology from the Orff music program that combines movement, instruments, drama, speech, and song.

ACDS also offers after-school music activities including ACDS Youth Choir, a choir for students in grades K-4 and ACDS Upper Choir for students in grades 5-8. These groups perform in school concerts.

Finding the beat in Middle School

Middle School students can take their musical talents to the next level through a variety of electives. In addition to the annual Middle School musical elective, other Middle School music options vary each year and have recently included So You Think You Can Sing, in which students worked on vocal technique and built their singing repertoire and Garage Band where students learned to play cover songs on various instruments. 

“Music is the universal language of mankind."
— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow