The technology program at Almaden Country Day School features a wireless campus including a 1:1 laptop initiative (individual laptops for every Middle School student), computer probeware in our science lab, iPads in learning activity centers across the grade levels, a makerspace called "The Imaginarium," and 3D printers.

We are proud of our robust technology programming that is carefully integrated into the instructional design throughout the school. ACDS is among the few independent schools in California who received the Samsung “Hope for Education” award, recognizing innovation in instructional technology.

Our full-time director of technology is dedicated to helping teachers integrate technology such as laptops and iPads into their daily lessons. Consequently, our students come to view digital media as a tool to achieve academic objectives and solve problems.

Following this philosophy, our students apply technology in the same manner it is used in business, industry and academia: to research questions, investigate and test solutions, build knowledge, and present information.

Technology is integrated across all grade levels at ACDS, from our youngest students who explore the world using Google Earth and develop logical thinking skills in math with Turtle Pond, to our older students who create podcasts about finding math in nature and construct original illustrated digital stories to reflect what they learned during overnight field trips.

Technology extends learning, engages students, and adds depth to our teachers’ instructional repertoires.

Our aim in providing a sophisticated, well-resourced technology program is to teach ACDS students to be thoughtful digital citizens and savvy, critical, ethical consumers of media information, nurturing responsiveness to the needs of our community and those of the wider world.