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Technology Electives

The slate of technology electives featured in our Middle School exemplifies our approach to hands-on, minds-on learning at ACDS.

Every year, the technology electives evolve to keep pace with the constant changes in the tech industry, and adapt in exciting ways according to the interests of our faculty and students. ACDS technology classes are challenging, engaging, and are among the most popular elective choices for middle schoolers.

Here’s just a sampling of some our most popular technology electives:

Calling All Makers: 3D Printing

Students build a 3D printer and then learn how 3D objects are designed and created through deconstruction, hands-on testing, modeling and 3D printing. Our budding engineers design with Tinkercad or another 3D design application, and then print out creations with our in-house 3D printer.

Calling All Makers: Design and Construction

Future scientists learn how to use design principles to create and build with available materials. Through several iterations of model building, students test their designs before building their final project.

Tynker to Minecraft: Introduction to Coding

When students are curious about how to build a game using coding or create a city in Minecraft, they sign up for this course. They expand their explorations with Tynker beyond the exposure they get in our school-wide coding program, using their new coding skills to develop increasingly more complex programs.