Flexible Tuition Process

Almaden Country Day School is pleased to be able to offer tuition support through our Flexible Tuition program. If you believe that your resources are not sufficient to meet the total costs of an ACDS education, we encourage you to apply for Flexible Tuition.

Almaden Country Day School uses FAST Aid to collect information and pre-qualify families for Flexible Tuition. This process costs $48 per application and can be paid by credit card on the FAST Aid website.

After FAST Aid prequalifies applicants, the school's Flexible Tuition Committee reviews additional considerations, such as special personal circumstances that the applicant describes on the FAST Aid application. For current families, the Committee looks at the student's academic and behavioral standing, and the ways in which the family contributes to the life of the school or otherwise demonstrates a commitment to ACDS.

Based on the FAST Aid data and these other considerations, the Committee then makes its recommendation to our CFO, who relays the award information to the family.

To start the process, which does not have to be completed all at once, click the 'FAST Aid' button below.

FAST AID Application

A complete and accurate flexible tuition application must be submitted through FAST to receive consideration. Incomplete applications, including any requested documents, will not be reviewed. Applications received after the priority deadline will be considered in the order they are received and to the extent flexible tuition resources are still available.

New families will be notified of their award with their admissions offer letter. Returning families will be notified of their award by mid-March.