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The ACDS Shadow Experience

Friends are made at ACDS


The ACDS shadow experience allows your child to experience two full days (or one-day for Kindergarten applicants) of the robust ACDS program, and lets the school observe your child's classroom participation, engagement, and academic fit. At ACDS, we consider the shadow experience as a pivotal step in both your child's educational journey and your family's decision-making process. 

ACDS students learn and explore


Preparing for the Shadow Visit

Have an Open and Stress-Free Conversation
Your child will shadow in their current grade with their peers. To best prepare your child for their shadow visit, we recommend having an open and stress-free conversation with them beforehand. Emphasize that the visit is simply an opportunity to explore ACDS and see what it’s like. The more relaxed and comfortable your child can be with the experience, the more enjoyable and productive the shadow visit will be.

Student Walking to School with Mom


Visit Days

Our aim is to ensure your child's comfort from the moment they step on our campus. A shadow visit may evoke a mix of emotions, both excitement and nervousness. Rest assured that your child's wellbeing is our priority from the moment they step foot on our campus. The shadow visit is a wonderful opportunity for them to get to know more about ACDS and meet new friends and teachers. For grades 1 - 7, your child will be paired with a friendly shadow buddy who will guide them through the visit and make them feel like a VIP. Our teachers and staff will also provide a warm welcome and help your child to embrace the rhythm of our enriched academic program. 

For students applying to grades 1 - 7, the second day offers an opportunity for students to relax into a now more familiar schedule. This extended shadow visit promises a deeper and more immersive experience, allowing our prospective students to truly embrace the life of an ACDS student.

Our wonderful teachers helping students learn


After the Shadow Visit

We firmly believe in safeguarding the precious nature of childhood and shielding students from undue stress related to school choices, and we extend our support to you and your family as you move through the decision process. Choosing the right educational institution is a family decision, and over the years we’ve found that placing undue pressure on your child may lead to apprehension or anxiety. After your child's shadow visit concludes, we suggest having a thoughtful discussion (with age-appropriate input from your child) to consider whether the community, culture, and academic program at ACDS resonates with your child and family.

To schedule your child's shadow visit and embark on this exciting experience with us, please click below.

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If you have any questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at or by phone at 408-997-0424. We are here to support you every step of the way!