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International Students

Almaden Country Day School is pleased to welcome young men and women from around the globe to study in the dynamic, exciting learning environment of Silicon Valley. ACDS prepares international students to be confident, creative, well-rounded and academically-prepared for the rigorous American high schools and colleges to which they apply.

Our Process

Almaden Country Day School is authorized by the US Government to issue I-20 visas. I-20s are issued after a student has been accepted and enrolled for admission. We admit international students in grades 6-8, and issue I-20s for potential students to obtain their F-1 visas. (We may also admit students in grades K-5 who have an exceptionally strong family support network in San Jose.) We work with a selected partner agency for recruitment of international applicants and for homestay placement in San Jose.

Generally we do not admit students who are not registered with our partner agency. If you can provide evidence that your child will be living with an immediate family member for the entire duration of his or her studies at ACDS, and in other respects you can show that your child has an outstanding support network in San Jose, we may waive the agency requirement.

Very Important: Almaden Country Day School does not provide housing, transportation, medical insurance, or formal English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for international students. Our partner agency may be able to assist with these needs. International students who apply must be proficient in reading and writing English (please see below).

Admission Requirements

ACDS requires a high level of English proficiency as assessed during a personal/webcam interview during the admission process. ACDS will provide limited ESL support to international students; this service is included in the international tuition fee (please see International Student Coordinator, below).

International Admission Criteria:

  • English proficiency: Students need to be able to listen and speak with us comfortably during a 30-minute interview (in person or via webcam).
  • Official original transcript (photocopies are not accepted) with translation in English showing grades for current year and prior two years; these records must be sealed and stamped
  • Math teacher recommendation (digital photographs of current math book and student math work is strongly recommended)
  • English teacher recommendation
  • Additional teacher recommendation
  • Writing sample, handwritten
  • International Student Questionnaire - to be provided upon completion of application materials and enrollment fee
  • Affidavit of Support completed by parent, guardian, or clergy – to be provided upon completion of application materials and enrollment fee
  • Passport photocopy
  • Affidavit of Support Form (USCIS Form I-134), filled out by the parent, sponsor or declared preparer (USCIS Form I-134 Instructions)
  • Bank statement in English (identification must match Affidavit of Support)
  • $350 application fee
  • Skype interview with ACDS faculty and administrators, after all written documentation has been received

After all application materials have been submitted and received initial approval, we schedule an interview. If the student is not able to meet with us onsite at ACDS, the interview can be completed via webcam. The guardian or host family is also interviewed. Final admissions decisions are made by the ACDS Admissions Committee if the application is received before the Priority Consideration deadline which is January 15.

Once a student’s application is complete, the ACDS Admissions Committee will assess the entire file and determine whether to accept the student.

Upon admission to Almaden Country Day School, applicants must submit complete immunization records that are translated in English, and agree to adhere to California State statutes requiring that all students be immunized.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)