Makers Elective Projects

Last spring, Director of Technology Mrs. Mary Beth Gay and parent John Hunt developed the "Calling All Makers" elective. Our first ever Makers' elective is based on the philosophy of the national Maker Movement and an increased awareness among educators of the need to provide opportunities to learn through tinkering and inventing. ACS students had the opportunity to explore a variety of materials, design principles, technology and tools and use these in creative ways to make unique designs. These are the 2014 student designs:

  • Helena Ajlouni created a quick zip.
  • Evan Baum and Cameron King created a weighted system to move a computer cart.
  • Ryan Baum built a mobile cart/stool used as a prop in the Middle School play.
  • Andrew Budzinski and Kelvin Nguyen created an oil lamp.
  • Ethan Fusilero made a dry composite that is similar to play dough when water is added and designed a container for it.
  • Amelia Hanney created a solar powered charger for her iPhone.
  • Julia Hunt created a desk lamp that cast no shadows when reading at a desk.
  • Steve Hunt created a set of LED backlights for Claymation videos.
  • Karina Kleveland created 3D printed earrings.
  • Henrik Larsen and Will Peterson created the “air-conditioned” shirt.
  • Christian Mullen and VIvek Baskaran created games using a Raspberry Pi.
  • Wattie Nunes designed and created 3D game pieces.
  • Michael Ross created a solar powered speaker set for his iPhone.
  • Craig Weiner built a hovercraft.