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Alumni News & Notes

Published May 2023

Kevin Stenn ’03 and his wife, Alexis, welcomed their second baby boy, Theodore Thomas Stenn, on March 25, 2023. Teddy weighed in at 8 lbs. 1 oz. and is adored by his older brother, Oliver, who is two and a half years old. 

Alexis, Kevin, Oliver, TeddyOliver and Teddy

Abigail (Wallace) Roney '09 shares that, "My life since middle school has brought me many places! From high school and college graduation, pursuing my career in graphic design, living in France as a volunteer for my church, to meeting my husband and starting our wonderful life together back in 2016. We recently spent an amazing year living in England with our 3 year old son Jamison so that my husband could pursue a master’s degree at Oxford University. We moved back to America at the end of 2022 in preparation for our sweet baby girl Evelyn who joined us at the end of March. After an adventurous year traveling Europe and falling in love with new places and people, we are looking forward to settling in with our family. Thank you, ACDS, for happy memories and a strong foundation that has served me well through the years."

The Roney FamilyJamison and Evelyn

Giuliana Calia ’13 will pursue a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology (BCMB) at Weill Cornell Medical School with Memorial Sloan Kettering School in New York City’s Upper East Side. She has a BA in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and MA in Biotech from Boston University. After graduating from BU, Giuliana worked as a researcher at the Gladstone Institute in San Francisco.

Support our very own! Chef Tucker Ricchio (Lisa Ricchio ’04), featured in our December 2022 issue, is a finalist–and one of the favorites–on Gordon Ramsey’s 2nd season of Next Level Chef. The show airs on Thursdays on Fox and is streamed on Hulu.

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