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Alumni News & Notes

Published November 2019
Class of 1996

Kira Spindler LeMatKira (Spindler) LeMat '96 and her husband Michael Bowersox welcomed their baby boy, Lucas James, into their world on June 18, 2019.  Lucas surprised everyone by coming into the world a month early, but from the start he has been healthy, happy and ‘cute as a button’!  His current interests at 4 months include smiling at mommy, Baby Beluga, and his owl rattle toy.  Kira and her family live in Portland, Oregon where she is a therapist and Michael is a special education teacher.  Grandma (Bibi) Bonnie LeMat, former ACDS science teacher, loves snuggling with Lucas on her frequent visits.

Class of 1997

Michelle Amber Mednick CostaMichelle Amber (Mednick) Costa '97, and her husband Victor welcomed their baby, Amelia Amber, on August 25, 2019, weighing 9lbs 7oz and measuring 21 inches long.  Michelle lives in Sunnyvale and works as a Benefits Accounts Manager.

Class of 2003

EErin Tyrellrin Tyrell '03 and her husband Devin Canale, welcomed baby Scarlett Grace, born August 14, weighing 8lbs 8oz and measuring 20.5” long.  Big sisters Brionna, who is eight and in third grade, and Noelle, who is four and in pre-school, are delighted with their new baby sister.

Following her graduation from ACDS, Erin attended Notre Dame High School, earned a BS in Finance from Santa Clara University in 2012, and an MBA in Finance from Sacramento State in 2017.  She is a senior financial analyst doing strategic long-range product roadmap planning as part of Intel’s finance team.

Erin, Devin, their three girls and three dogs, Boston, Winston and Bernie, live in Pilot Hill, near Auburn, CA. Erin says that living in the Tahoe area is great. They love being surrounded by nature with the many outdoor activities that they enjoy together. Erin’s mom, Beverly Tyrell, and step-dad, Tim, live in Truckee six months of the year, and visit them often.

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