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COVID-19 Information Page

2022-23 COVID Safety Plan

Updated August 15, 2022

Since March 2020, the ACDS community has been responsive, adaptable and united in our response to the COVID threat. The school’s substantial investment in disinfection technology and safety equipment along with the intensive commitment from the staff and administration, in partnership with support from ACDS families, generated the highest standards of safety and wellness on campus, and we celebrate that extended success even as we continue to be vigilant about the virus heading into the next school year.

Above all, our wellness as a school community during this third year of COVID depends on our continued cooperation, flexibility, patience, and understanding as we all make our way through the challenges posed by the virus in the months ahead. Thank you in advance for recognizing our shared responsibility to the safety of those around us, and for doing your part to keep the school community as a whole safe and healthy.

The 2022-23 COVID Safety Plan reflects new guidance provided by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), and includes important changes compared with previous iterations; parents and staff are advised to read and become familiar with this new plan, noting that as always ACDS will adapt and iterate according to changing local virus conditions, updated public health guidance, and the judgment of the school administration. Also, recent CDC recommendations depart from CDPH guidance; however, ACDS is required to follow state and county public health directives, not the CDC’s.

Campus Visitor Access (including parents)

  • Adult visitors will be allowed on campus during the school day under the following conditions:
    • Masks are strongly recommended
    • Adult visitors including parents must be masked at all times when inside classrooms with students present during the school day, and may only enter classrooms with clearance from the COVID Task Force including a negative antigen test result and/or proof of vaccination (email for permission in advance)
    • Shadow students must present a negative antigen test result taken within 24 hours prior to attending class; masks are optional but strongly recommended for shadow students.


  • Per CDPH guidance, masks are optional but strongly recommended for students and staff as a highly-effective measure in preventing COVID infection, supported by our on-campus ActivePure air disinfection systems
  • As above, parents and other adult visitors to campus are required to wear masks if they are allowed inside classrooms during the school day, and may not enter classrooms when children or staff are present without arranging ahead of time via 
  • During the school day, visiting ACDS alumni are required to wear masks both inside classrooms and outside while on campus
  • At this time, masks are optional but strongly recommended for parents and visitors for all after-school activities and events
  • Please be aware that depending on conditions, such as significant on- or off-campus exposures, a rapid increase in infections or surge in our school community or County, or any other circumstance deemed by the administration in its sole discretion as a threat to student or staff safety, mask requirements may be reinstated for students and staff at the classroom, grade, or school-wide level. This applies to team sports (athletes and coaches) as well, as circumstances warrant
  • Substitute teachers will be required to present a negative antigen test or wear masks at all times indoors while on campus.

School Events (e.g. Food Truck Friday, Pumpkin Carving, etc.)

  • At this time, ACDS plans to host our optional all-school events on campus
    • Since these events are outdoors and after school, our school events will be mask-optional but strongly recommended for all participants
    • Prior to each event, based on current virus conditions and public health guidance, ACDS will notify families regarding any specific directions (e.g. masks required, etc.)


  • In compliance with new CDPH guidance, ACDS is shifting from weekly surveillance testing to a symptoms-based testing approach, and from PCR testing to antigen testing: 
    • Parents will monitor at home for potential symptoms and use antigen tests whenever children show possible COVID signs
    • Parents will notify ACDS immediately when their children test positive for COVID 
    • When children or staff exhibit potential COVID symptoms on campus, they will be sent home immediately to be tested
  • As of this writing, we’re awaiting new public health guidelines to tell us how long students and staff must stay in isolation/quarantine
  • We will ask that all students and staff complete an antigen test after each school break prior to returning to campus  (e.g. prior to September 6, then after Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Presidents’ Week, Spring Break). Free testing is available here.

COVID Absences, Isolation, and Quarantine

  • Students home with COVID will be given access to daily work in the same way we do with any other illness: teachers will provide take-home work that’s available by the end of each school day
  • COVID absences that extend beyond two weeks may necessitate additional student support measures, as determined by the administration and the student’s teacher(s)
  • As above, we are still awaiting the County’s updated isolation and quarantine calculator that determines the terms of a COVID absence as required by public health; we will provide this information as soon as it is available.

COVID Communications

  • The ACDS COVID Task Force can be reached via email at for any questions
  • Parents will use the for all COVID-related matters. Contacting administrators or teachers directly about COVID issues may result in a delayed response from the Task Force
  • Beginning September 2022, ACDS will discontinue exposure notification emails unless or until conditions call for them (e.g. if we have another surge).

School Activities (e.g. field trips, parent drivers, EDGE Day, overnight trips, etc.)

  • At this time, ACDS plans to conduct scheduled field trips as planned, pending changes in COVID conditions and/or updated guidance from public health agencies
    • Prior to each event, based on current virus conditions and public health guidance, ACDS will notify families regarding any specific directions (e.g. masks required, etc.).