10 Tips for New ACDS Families

  1. Use your host family! Let us help you make the transition into the ACDS community as easy as possible. We can show you the uniform exchange, answer your questions about PSA events, field trips, volunteering, etc.
  2. Volunteer! Whether it’s at a school or PSA event, or in the classroom, getting involved is the best way to meet other parents and your child’s friends. Sign ups for PSA events will be available in the auditorium during the first week of school. Sign ups for classroom activities will be available at Back to School Night.
  3. Attend Back to School Night! This is your chance to meet your child’s teachers, check out the classroom, meet your room parent, and find out about your child’s curriculum, field trips and class activities. So, find a sitter and don’t miss this.
  4. Attend State of the School! This is your opportunity to listen and give feedback to Dr. Ole Jorgenson, our Head of School, and his staff regarding the long term goals of the school, tuition rate projections, and other items of interest (such as the CAIS accreditation).
  5. Follow the pick-up and drop-off rules! Keep our children safe, our neighbors happy and drop-off and pick-up as hassle-free as possible. Please do not double-park or stop in the streets, and do not block our neighbors’ driveways.
  6. Label your uniforms! The uniform Lost and Found tub is located in front of the auditorium. For 5th through 8th graders, the P.E. uniform Lost and Found bucket is located by the middle school lockers.
  7. Treasure your School Directory! The ACDS website's Parent's Corner has an online directory. In addition to ACDS family contact info, it contains the school calendar, room parent info, teacher contact info and class lists.
  8. Support the PSA! The ACDS Parent Service Auxiliary is a wonderful organization run by amazing parents. The PSA not only sponsors school-wide social and family events, but also funds parent education classes, teacher appreciation events, and classroom activities and events (such as Middle School EDGE day). Check out the PSA webpage for details!
  9. Stay Informed! Keep up with the latest school news by reading the weekly Apple Seed and other school e-mails that provide personalized school and classroom-related news. You will automatically receive this service unless you request otherwise.
  10. ECE Concepts
    1. You get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit!
    2. Practice makes progress!
    3. P.W.P. (Please Wait Patiently)
    4. Take a polite bite.
    5. I think you can, I know you can
    6. If you can’t tell everyone…don’t tell anyone
    7. By ourselves we’re good, but together we’re better!
    8. The 5 Keys of Kindness: Please, Thank You, Excuse Me, I’m Sorry, Let’s Share