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Hot Lunch Program

The Pasta Market

ACDS is pleased to offer a hot lunch program through The Pasta Market. If you are already familiar with the program, we invite you to order school lunch by clicking on the button below. If you are new to the program, please read the information below.

Order School Lunch
Password to register is: acs180

New Families

  • Register now to create your account and order

  • Click 'Register'

  • Password is: acs180

  • Add your account and profile(s) information

  • Once all profiles are entered, you can begin placing orders

Returning Families

  • Click here to update your profile and order 

  • Sign in with your existing username and password

  • Choose student name, update or add their grade for the new school year and click "update profile"

  • If a student has graduated, select their name and click  "remove profile"

  • Once all profiles are updated, you can begin placing orders

Allergy Guidelines

Almaden Country Day School strives to provide an educational environment that is safe and healthy for its students and welcomes all students, including those who may have medical conditions that can be managed on campus. These Guidelines explain the School’s process for coordinating with parents to consider how best to support children with high-risk medical conditions.

Read Allergy Guidelines

Meal Choices

  • Home-style meals made from scratch each day & served with fresh fruit. Meals are low fat with no preservatives, no trans-fat, or high fructose corn syrup ingredients! Different lunch options are available each day with a variety of cuisines so students can try new foods.
  • Vegetarian options every day.
  • All meals are prepared the morning of service and delivered within a few hours of preparation. Lunches are packaged in compostable containers or BPA-free plastic. All lunches must be ordered in advance.
  • All entrees meet California SB12 requirements regarding portion size, calories, fat content, and sugar content for middle school meals.

Important Notes

  • Student meals are nut-free and sesame-free.
  • Gluten-free pasta is available on days when pasta is on the menu. 


  • Check out and pay (Visa, MasterCard and Discover)

    • Please be sure to complete the checkout process when placing an order
    • Do not close your browser prior to receiving the confirmation display or your order may be interrupted and not fully processed
    • Items left in your shopping cart will not be processed and your order will not be placed

  • Print your order – Click “Print Order” in the Navigation Bar

Registration & Ordering
Ordering for the 2024-2025 school year begins the week of August 26 and lunch service begins on Wednesday, September 4.

  • Order in advance - Menus are available one month at a time.

  • New families will need to register and returning families will need to update their profiles.

  • Same-day orders must be placed online by 6 a.m. 

  • Please note that lunch orders are not accepted in the school office. 

  • Pasta Market does not provide extra lunches for those students who did not order a lunch prior to the 6 a.m. same-day cutoff. 

  • If a student has missed the hot lunch ordering deadline, you can either bring your student a lunch or have your student choose side items such as yogurt, fruit or snacks (not a main course). Pasta Market will bill your account and you are responsible for prompt payment. 

Lunch Order Cancelations or Modifications

  1. Log in to your Pasta Market account
  2. Select the date you want to modify or cancel
  3. Click the button 'Cancel or Edit Order'
  4. Select the child whose order you need to modify or cancel
  5. To modify: Select a different lunch entree
  6. To cancel: Click the 'X' next to the meal you want to cancel
  7. Click 'Save and Go to Cart' below the button
  8. Click 'Confirm'

Questions? Contact The Pasta Market
Please email Pasta Market or call (650) 949-3239 for questions about the program, including missed/late orders, credits, and changes/cancellations. For online ordering support, please email Support