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Children are most likely to succeed in school on all levels — academic, social and emotional — when they are part of a team of parents and teachers who communicate regularly about their growth.

Almaden Country Day School encourages and fosters effective communication between teachers, parents and child. It is vital that parents and teachers have a shared vision for the child’s goals and plans for achieving them.

Formal parent/teacher conferences for all students are scheduled in the fall. Conferences arranged by teacher or parent request are also held in the spring. The goals of the conferences are to discuss your student’s progress, the teachers’ observations, and any parent feedback. Conferences are an opportunity to strengthen communication and understanding between parents and teachers. Teachers will also explain the strengths and interests that they observe in your child and discuss strategies for reinforcing your child’s success at home. Additionally, the teachers will share learning goals for your student and explain how they intend to help your child move forward along the learning continuum.

Please attend your scheduled conferences. We do not ask teachers to make-up missed conferences due to family vacations. However, parents and teachers may request additional conferences at other times if they feel a personal meeting would be helpful. Note on Extended Care for Conference Days. There is no school or extended care on Parent/Teacher Conference days. Drop-in care for the duration of the conference is available for currently-enrolled ACDS students only.