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Gift Giving Policy

Parents and students often wish to express their appreciation by giving gifts to teachers, and since gratitude is an important core value at ACDS, we welcome this practice. In the spirit of simplicity espoused by ACDS founder Nan Hunter as one of the school’s core values, parents are encouraged to have their children prepare handmade cards and artwork or a home-made treat, and parents sometimes choose to give monetary gifts like movie tickets or gift cards.

Sometimes, parents also choose to give purchased gifts like movie tickets or a box of chocolates . Families are welcome to give gifts to ACDS faculty and staff independently; however, we ask "group" or "class" gifts are not organized, i.e. please do not ask any other family to join in a collective gift for a teacher, coach, or other individual associated with the school. For those families who would like to give a gift, the PSA surveyed the faculty and staff about their favorites and put it in an appreciation guide to help with ideas. Thank you to the PSA for their work in putting together the guide.

There are several reasons for this gift policy. For some families, the "ask" amount poses a financial hardship, especially for parents with children in multiple grade levels. Also, parents may feel pressured or even coerced to participate in group gifts; even when such pressure is unintentional, it may be uncomfortable and this is counter to the welcoming sense of community that is an ACDS hallmark. Thank you for your understanding.