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Parent Role

As parents, you are your child’s first and most important teachers.

Many times we are asked by parents, “How can I keep my child enthusiastic about school and learning?” Here are some positive steps that you can take to help your child become an enthusiastic, life long learner.

Maintain Your Child's Self Esteem

Express delight in what your child learns. Talk with your child every day about his/her school experiences and everyday events. Compliment your child on even the smallest things achieved. Show that you value your child’s development as an individual.

Model Good Work Habits

Emphasize planned use of time and routine. Involve your child in your work activities. Share chores together and talk about the value of work.

Support School and Your Child's Teacher

Your interest demonstrates that school is important. Attend school functions. Supervise homework, making sure your child has a quiet place to work. Work cooperatively with teachers and school administrators when they identify a problem or issue that needs to be resolved.

Monitor the Media Your Child Experiences

Monitor use of television and digital media, and discuss the content of programs, games, and applications with your child.

Read to and with Your Child

Have a family emphasis on language development, including vocabulary enrichment. Encourage your child to discuss what is being read. Extend your child’s language at every opportunity. Your child should see you reading for leisure and learning.

Express Realistic Academic Expectations

Encourage your child’s natural interest in science, drama, music, art, sports, etc. Let your child know that education is important to you. Provide learning experiences as a family — trips to places of interest, museums, theater, and playing games together.

Model Respect as a Family

Good manners and values are learned — they don’t happen intuitively!