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The Almaden Country Day School Story

School should be a place where every child, no matter how bright or brilliant, feels worthwhile, is challenged and grows.

A Mother's Dream

A dream came true in the fall of 1982, when Nan Hunter founded Almaden Country Day School on the belief that every child is gifted, and that the challenge of schools is not to find the gifted and talented children; rather, it is to discover the gifts and talents in every child.

Prior to that fall, Nan had placed her eight children in a variety of public and private schools. As a mother she knew that each of her children was unique. Each child had strengths and struggles. However, Nan could not find one school that had the philosophy or resources to teach each of her children as individuals.

Calling on friends and community leaders, Nan gathered support for her dream school literally out of her garage. Her children passed out flyers announcing the creation of a brand new private school.

In September 1982, 175 children walked on to the Almaden Country Day School campus seeking an exceptional education. They found teachers dedicated to whole-brain learning, striving with each lesson to involve the different learning styles of their students. They found rigorous traditional academics as well as Foreign Language, Science, Art, Drama, Music and P.E., each taught by specialist teachers.

Nan Hunter’s commitment to children and to education earned her the Woman of Achievement Award in 1991, given by the Silicon Valley Women’s Club.

A School of Excellence

In recognition of its outstanding programs and community, Almaden Country Day School received full accreditation in June 2003 and again in 2009 from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Each time, the accreditation process involved a thorough two-year self-study during which faculty, parents, and students measured the school’s performance against its stated goals.

Following the self-studies, WASC representatives spent three days reviewing the school’s findings, interviewing parents, teachers, and students, and closely observing the daily operations of the school. The visiting committees praised Almaden Country Day School for its accomplishments and its direction.

Almaden Country Day School is also proud to be a member of the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS).