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Your Financial Support

Almaden Country Day School is a not-for-profit school that is funded solely by tuition, fees and donations.

Enrollment Fee

Students who enroll for the following year pay a non-refundable enrollment fee. Specific information pertaining to re-enrollment, priority re-enrollment dates and tuition rates for the following September is mailed home earlier in the year. Please refer to the Tuition page for the current rates.


Tuition is a yearly fee. A current tuition schedule is available from the office or online. Almaden Country Day School requires that tuition be paid in one of two ways:

  • Single annual payment paid in full by the date designated on the current tuition schedule.
  • Monthly Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) over 11 months beginning in June. EFT forms, authorizing the school to electronically draw funds from your bank account, must be received by the date designated on the current tuition schedule.

Unpaid Balances

Tuition and Extended Care fees must be paid in full by the last day of school. Report cards are withheld if there is an outstanding balance for tuition, lunch, library, or other costs incurred during the school year.

Late Tuition and Fees Payment

A $25 late fee may be added to any fees that are not received by the due date, or for any paid fees that are rejected by the bank for insufficient funds.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to families that have a financial need or have suffered a financial setback. A Financial Aid Application form must be submitted online through the ACDS website, along with W-2 forms, Federal Tax Return and recent pay stubs. Forms are available from the Director of Advancement, the Almaden Country Day School web site or the Chief Financial Officer. Financial aid decisions are made following a process overseen by the Chief Financial Officer in consultation with a Financial Aid Committee, according to criteria such as amount of aid funding available, applicant’s family income level, number of children enrolling and for existing families, financial standing at the school, parental/school relationship and participation in life of the school. ACDS does not award merit scholarships or full tuition grants.


New students entering Preschool through 8th grade pay an application fee that covers student evaluation for admission. Specific information on the amount can be obtained from the Director of Advancement or the Almaden Country Day School web site.

Students entering Preschool are evaluated for Kindergarten readiness during the school year.

Jr. Kindergarten and Kindergarten
New students entering Jr. Kindergarten and Kindergarten are evaluated for placement by appointment on a one-to-one basis.

1st through 8th Grade
Students entering 1st through 8th grade are evaluated during a two-day visit during regular school hours, by appointment.


Almaden Country Day School is a qualified not-for-profit organization according to section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. As such, any donations to the school are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. Fundraising occurs through the Almaden Country Day School Development Committee and through the Parent Service Auxiliary. They will coordinate your donations and provide necessary tax records. All parents are expected to participate in the school’s fundraising initiatives, within their means. These fundraising initiatives directly impact the outstanding programs and memorable events that enrich your child’s education. The Annual Giving Campaign is conducted every year to support current operating needs of the school not covered by tuition and fees. Other campaigns are run on an as-needed basis for non-operating projects and may cover a several year period of several years.

Other Fees

Throughout the school year there may be other fees to consider for overnight field trips in 4th through 8th grades, after-school sports, elective classes, or other activities.