Pick-Up & Drop-Off Procedures

The principles that ACDS follows for the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up system are:

  1. The safety of the children
  2. Cooperation with the faculty
  3. Consideration of, and politeness toward, our residential neighbors

The way in which we adhere to these principles is to follow, without exception, the directions listed below:

Students arriving by/before 7:30 a.m.

  • Please check your student (Grades K-8) into Morning Care located in Apple Orchard
  • Please check your Pre-Kindergartener into Breakfast Club at their classrooms

Carpool Instructions

  • Please use the carpool lane system for all children in grades 1 through 8

  • Please place a name card on your passenger side visor, showing the LAST name of the child

  • Please access the carpool lane from Winterset making a RIGHT TURN ONLY off Akio Way (see map below.)  U-Turns at Akio and Winterset  and Left Turns off Akio are prohibited.  

  • Please follow the directions of carpool staff.  Stay along the curb and do not exit the vehicle until instructed to do so.  

  • Have Elementary Children? Please Use the Elementary Carpool Area:  First off, for those of you with elementary children, thank you for using the elementary carpool area in the front parking lot for all your children. We try to keep things moving through the middle school (MS) carpool area near the Fisher Event Center (since it’s the first carpool drop/pickup area), but, our bigger concern is keeping our littler students safe. We generally have more staff on hand at our elementary carpool. Another reason to split the school in this way is that having a few more of our families use the elementary carpool area keeps things more evenly divided.

  • Middle School Drop Off? Please Pull Forward:  For those of you dropping off middle schoolers in our MS carpool area, thank you for always pulling up when you drop off your children. Even though it may seem a little silly to drive all the way down the sidewalk, if no one is right behind you in the morning, you’d be surprised how quickly the cars stack up. Our goal is to keep as many vehicles off the city streets as possible, and by pulling up you help with that. 

  • Please have your children gather their belongings together before they exit from your car. This keeps the carpool lane flowing smoothly.

  • Please use the crosswalk to bring your child onto campus if you walk, or need to park your car. Walk your child across the street and on to campus if you are not in the carpool lane. It is unsafe for any child to cross the street or parking lot alone. 

  • Please make sure your children stay on sidewalks and do not cut through the grass, garden areas, or parking lots.

  • Please find a space on an adjacent street or wait until carpool is over if you have office business. Parking in the Trinidad lot is for teachers and guests only. As above, during carpool the parking lot is for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten families only.

  • Please respect our neighbors and refrain from blocking, or turning in, their driveways.

  • Please keep the yellow curbside clear at all times for emergency vehicles.  Please do not leave your vehicle unattended along the yellow/red curb.

  • Arrive Early for MS Afternoon Pick Up? Please Pull Forward to the Front Parking Lot:  If you only have a middle schooler to pick up in the afternoon, you arrive early to the line during afternoon carpool, and there is space in front of you to pull up to elementary carpool, please do pull up to elementary carpool. When we come by calling elementary students to carpool we will also call your middle school child and make sure they know to meet you down at the elementary carpool area. Again, this keeps as many cars off the city streets as possible.

Late Pick Up
Students remaining after 3:20pm will be checked into MASH or Apple Orchard for extended care, with the applicable fee charged to parents. Please notify the office if, due to unforeseeable circumstances, you will arrive late for your child.