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School Uniforms

The intent of our school uniform policy is to contribute to an environment that encourages learning without distractions, provides a structure that respects individualism, and promotes a sense of community and togetherness. Uniforms allow every student to feel included regardless of his or her family's social or economic background. Religious clothing and accessories are welcome.

Purchasing School Uniforms

School uniform pants, shorts, skirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts may be purchased at any retailers that carry school uniforms (e.g. Target, Walmart, etc.) as long as they meet the ACDS uniform requirements (see below). For your convenience, we also have the ACDS uniform selection on the Lands' End School Outfitters website as well as a Uniform Exchange on campus.

For Grades 5-8 only, the PE uniforms must be logo-branded apparel and purchased from Land's End.

Almaden Country School Uniform Store

ACDS School Number: 900164773

Uniform Ordering Instructions

Lands' End FAQs

Uniform Exchange

ACDS also maintains a complimentary Uniform Exchange full of donated, gently worn uniforms that are free for parents to take as needed to help mitigate the cost of purchasing new uniform. Please come visit our uniform exchange on campus (come to the front office for directions).

ACDS Cougars

Spirit Wear

Every month, the ACDS Office of Student Life will send out a special link to our Cougar Online Store. The Cougar Online Store carries ACDS athletic wear for students and parents. Cougar Gear is outfitted in Under Armour apparel at below retail prices.

The store will be open for one week (7th-14th) each month during the school year. Once the store closes, the orders for the month will be processed and then shipped out within 3 weeks.

Uniform Guidelines

Students must wear the clothes (listed below) for their grade level.