Lands' End FAQs

  1. What are the benefits of Lands’ End uniforms? Lands’ End manufactures its products so the quality is consistent from year to year. Lands’ End has a lifetime warranty for all of its products, even those with logos. Lands’ End offers a wide range of sizes to fit all students, including regular, extended, juniors, young men, husky, tall, slim and more. In addition, Lands’ End offers free hemming on unfinished girls’ and boys’ pants.
  2. Where can I find Lands’ End uniforms? Lands’ End uniforms can be ordered online
  3. Are the logos the same for classroom uniforms and PE uniforms? ACDS has taken this opportunity to update our uniform logos. Classroom uniforms will have a logo with a stylized apple and the school name printed below. PE uniforms have a new, bold cougar logo.
  4. How long can my student wear their old uniforms before switching to the new Lands’ End products? In consultation with the Parent Service Auxiliary, who runs the Uniform Exchange, we jointly decided that two years would be enough time for most students to either wear-out or outgrow their current uniforms. Items without logos may continue to be worn.
  5. Has the uniform changed? The ACDS uniform will continue to consist of navy blue bottoms (slacks, skirts, skorts, shorts or jumpers) and polo or turtleneck shirts in the grade-appropriate color. We have added a number of new items to expand student choice. There is a line of ponté knit skirts, skorts and jumpers that allow girls to be more comfortable and active. Both boys and girls now have fleece jackets and vests to augment the sweatshirt for cool weather. Girls have an additional sweatshirt option in a soft sweatshirt fabric pea coat. For all the choices, visit the Lands' End website and click on school uniforms. You will need to select Almaden Country Day School and indicate the grade level that you are interested in seeing.
  6. Are there any options for parents? The Lands’ End Spiritwear Store, located as one of the options under Almaden Country Day School, carries a variety of items for parents, grandparents and other family friends. Polo shirts and caps are great booster wear. You can also pick up an ACDS apron or tote bag, so be sure to check the Spiritwear Store!
  7. Are students required to use Lands’ End backpacks and lunch boxes? Not at all. They are on the site as a convenience for parents, especially if they want their child’s name embroidered on the lunch box or backpack.
  8. What preferred school numbers should I enter when ordering ACDS uniform items?

Uniforms: 900164773
Spiritwear: 900167107