Student Life

Dozens of Clubs & Activities Enrich Students’ Learning

An ACDS student's life is rich and filled with many curricular and extracurricular opportunities, inside and outside of school hours, including interest-based activities, clubs, sports, mentoring, visiting speakers and authors, and field trips.

Students can take advantage of complimentary before-school care, which starts at 7am, where they can read, do homework, or create with mini-makerspace-themed projects. After-school care like Apple Tree, Apple Orchard, and MASH all emphasize developmentally-focused activities, carve out time for homework, and equally important, an opportunity to play. Clubs and activities range from athletics, musical theater, band, choirs, coding, chess, robotics, mathematics, and more! We also offer activities during school breaks and during the summer. ACDS balances curricular and the extracurricular learning opportunities for a well-rounded child.