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Blacktop Bash

The Blacktop Bash is a reimagined evolution of our popular ASSETS talent show & student exhibition that celebrates student success and talents, while also bringing our community together.

Each spring our student exhibition and talent show highlight some of the students’ best classroom work, enrichment projects, and live talent performances by individual students and groups across the grade levels.

The talent show and Blacktop Bash reflect the emphasis ACDS places on project-based learning, creative and performing arts, and our belief that every child can shine if enabled to feel safe, special and valued. The student exhibits and performances are as varied and enthralling as the children providing them!

Our Blacktop Bash is a festive recognition each year of the pure potential of children, and the celebration embodies the ACDS mission: Discovering the gifts in every child.

Recent student exhibition and talent show features include:

  • Sculptures and ceramic arts, including working fountains
  • Collages remembering the Jewish Holocaust
  • Pen, ink, watercolor and pastel artwork
  • Vocal and instrumental music performances
  • Magic tricks
  • Ballet and modern dance
  • Cultural dances from India, Russia, China, Thailand and Pakistan
  • Stand-up comedy
  • Balloon artistry
  • Unicycle feats
  • Martial arts exhibition
  • Poetry recitals
  • Gymnastics demonstrations