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CraftyKidz Club


Who: Students in grades 3-8
Date: Fridays starting January 7 through March 18, 2022 (no club meetings 2/4/22; 2/25/22)
Time: 3:05-4:30 pm
Cost: $235 for 9 sessions.
Location: Coming soon

Ms. Tamboury leads this crafting adventure each quarter for children with all sorts of hands-on right-brained projects such as fabric, yarn, and papercrafts.  No sewing experience required but admired!  We will be making creative pieces such as duck tape bookmarks, keyrings, friendship pins, handmade journals, personal artwork on canvas, shrinky dinks, and more!  Club majority depends on what we make next!  Come join happy crafty kidz like yourself! 

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