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Experiential Learning

Science in Elementary School

A signature program since the school’s founding in 1982, the ACDS enrichment program is a hallmark of our cultural identity, promoting confidence, joy, and growth in children at every grade level.

Enrichment at ACDS includes drama, music, art, foreign language, hands-on science, technology, physical education, athletics, library, service learning, and leadership. Much more than a simple add-on to academic learning, our enrichment program is considered a core discipline alongside traditional academic subjects such as reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies.

With talented specialist teachers as well as targeted supporting resources, the ACDS enrichment program enables students to experience a wide variety of learning opportunities beyond traditional content areas, helping them to foster their existing talents and to discover — sometimes with surprise— their latent gifts. In our experience, early success with these enrichment activities builds a sense of confidence that readily translates into other areas of a child’s life, establishing the basis for future success and fulfillment both inside and outside the classroom.