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Extended Overnight Excursions

Extended overnight field trips start in the fourth grade and continue into the eighth grade, deepening the understanding of the current curriculum. See below for more information on each excursion.

4th Grade: Coloma Outdoor Discovery School

A trip to Coloma Outdoor Discovery School offers fourth grade students an opportunity to bring their studies of Caifornia's Gold Rush era to life. Students, parents, and teachers take part in a three day, two night adventure that includes gold panning, hoe downs, cornbread making, hike the Monroe Ridge, and more. Food is prepared over an open fire, and everyone sleeps in tents pitched in the meadow. 

The Coloma Outdoor Discovery School's California Gold Rush program is designed for fourth graders and integrates California Content and Common Core Standards. CODS' goal is to celebrate the culture, music, and folklore of the California Gold Rush while using lessons of the past to awaken students' interest and sense of responsibility for the environment.

5th Grade: Science Camp at Walker Creek

The fifth grade extended overnight trip to science camp offers the opportunity to enhance our on-campus science curriculum focusing on botany, zoology, inter-species relationships, and interdependence in nature. For five days and four nights, participants stay at beautiful Web of Life Field (WOLF), Monte Toyon Campus, for a variety of learning and bonding adventures.  

6th Grade: Yosemite National Park

One of our nation's natural treasures, Yosemite provides our sixth grade students with the opportunity to learn hands-on lessons in both life sciences and earth sciences, offering a perfect complement to our on-campus curriculum. Over the course of five days, participants explore Yosemite's magnificent winter landscape, applying their science curriculum in geology and wildlife, as well as developing leadership and social skills which are critical Character and Competence goals for sixth grade. Other highlights of the trip include cross-country skiing, ice skating, hiking, and cave exploration.

Catalina Island Field Trip

7th Grade: Catalina Environmental Leadership Program

The Catalina Environmental Leadership Program (CELP) provides our seventh grade students with extraordinary access to the pristine natural environment of Catalina Island. This living classroom offers lessons in biological science, environmental science, as well as issues relating to ecosystem interdependency, resource management, and conservation. In addition to their daily activities in the camp's science lab, organic garden, and massive composting operation, participants have the opportunity to hike among Catalina's peaks, explore the shoreline in guided kayaking expeditions, experience team-building and risk-taking activities on the ropes course, and weave their way through the island's majestic kelp forests in day and night snorkel excursions led by the camp's professional naturalists.

8th Grade: East Coast Adventure

After studying U.S. history on campus, our eighth graders have the opportunity to visit some of the most noteworthy and celebrated historical landmarks of our nation's past. This eight-day trip to the East Coast is arranged through a professional school tour company and typically includes visits to Williamsburg, Washington D.C., Boston, Mount Vernon, or Philadelphia. Itineraries vary from year to year, but always create a memorable capstone trip for our graduating class.

In addition to these trips, our middle schoolers have EDGE Day, a day where they can participate in one of several novel experiences. Learn More