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Parent Volunteer gives presentation on France during International Fair

ACDS has always maintained a strong culture of family participation.

Our incredible team of volunteers is the main reason why we’re able to sustain our rich and diverse on-campus traditions, as well as offer the unique extracurricular opportunities that make ACDS a standout among independent schools.

Throughout the year, parents are given numerous opportunities to participate in a wide variety of memorable experiences as volunteers, ranging from small classroom parties to school-wide holiday events. While participation is not required, we encourage every ACDS family to actively look for ways to help us provide the highest-quality programming to our children.

A contribution of your time doesn’t need to be large in order to have a significant impact. Whether it’s offering your expertise for one of our after-school clubs, bringing treats to a Halloween party in your child’s classroom, setting up before an all-school event or helping clean up afterward, our volunteer opportunities are designed to accommodate even the busiest of schedules.

Donating your time and energy not only offers another way to be a part of your child’s academic life, but also provides valuable opportunities to meet other parents and to interact with faculty in an informal setting.