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Parent Service Auxiliary

Almaden Country Day School parents understand that their involvement with school activities contributes to their children’s success by demonstrating support for and engagement in their academic lives.

The PSA mission

Every ACDS parent and guardian is a member of the Parent Service Auxiliary (PSA). The PSA mission is to serve the needs of the school and children by:

  • Creating memory-making events and programs that give the children and their families a joyful school experience.
  • Building a strong, cohesive, involved, and informed school community.
  • Supporting the school administration.

This mission is accomplished as a result of each family’s support and active participation in the PSA’s extensive family-oriented programming throughout the school year. Visit Parent's Corner to download the ACDS Parent Handbook.


ACDS has always maintained a strong culture of family participation.

Our incredible team of volunteers is the main reason why we’re able to sustain our rich and diverse on-campus traditions, as well as offer the unique extracurricular opportunities that make ACDS a standout among independent schools. Throughout the year, parents are given numerous opportunities to participate in a wide variety of memorable experiences as volunteers, ranging from small classroom parties to school-wide holiday events. While participation is not required, we encourage every ACDS family to actively look for ways to help us provide the highest-quality programming to our children.

PSA Board

The PSA board is comprised of PSA members who serve in a variety of positions and act as liaisons between the administration, faculty, and the parent community as a whole. The board is responsible for the management of all PSA events and programs, fundraising, as well as the allocation of its funds. All parents are encouraged to attend the monthly PSA meetings, usually held the first Monday of each month at 8:15 am in the PSA room.

For Additional Information

Should you have questions, comments or needs, we encourage you to contact the PSA. We welcome you as a part of our wonderful school community.