The Campaign for ACDS: Fisher Event Center

We did it!

The Fisher Event Center is the realization of a decades-long dream: a place to play for ACDS students.

For generations to come, the Center will help us enrich the ACDS experience and fulfill our promise of an educational experience that balances academic rigor, character development, and the sheer joy of being a child.

From the start, this project was a family affair. Conceived by past and present members of our Board of Trustees. Supported by the generosity of our ACDS community. And designed to be our on-campus living room by an architect who knows us well -- because he himself is the parent of two ACDS grads. 

But just like most family projects, we still have some work to do. Our building will be complete in September. But over the next few months, we need to outfit the Center with the equipment and systems that will bring it to life. This includes essential items like scoreboards, curtains, lighting, audio and video equipment, bleachers, baskets, and more. 

To do it, we’re asking for your help.

Our goal is to raise at least $300,000 to buy the equipment and systems we need to support athletics and the performing arts from the moment we open the doors this fall.  

Everyone who contributes will be acknowledged in our final campaign report. Those who contribute at or above the $1,000 level will receive a personalized brick paver with your family’s name or other attribution. Each paver will be installed as part of the new community courtyard next to the Center. Collectively, these pavers will serve as a reminder of how we all came together to make the Fisher Event Center a reality.

And as an additional incentive, an anonymous donor has issued a challenge: if we meet our $300,000 fundraising goal, this donor will add $100,000 to the campaign. So every donation, at every level, matters.

Donate to Help Outfit Our Place to Play

 Click to download a printable version of our paver order form.

For more information or to become involved, message Ms. Jennifer Glasser.

Here’s What Your Gift Will Fund: 

  • A retractable stage partition, creating classroom space enabling drama class rehearsals to proceed while P.E. and athletics activities are underway in the gym 

  • A motorized court divider, allowing multiple P.E. and athletics activities at the same time 

  • Stage curtains 

  • A flexible versatile and efficient theater lighting system 

  • A building-wide audio system for both performing arts and athletics

  • Tables and chairs for events 

  • A video projector, screen, and controls 

  • Scoreboards 

  • Shot clocks 

  • Scorer's table 

  • Office furniture for our P.E. and drama offices 

  • Basketball hoop systems 

  • Motorized bleachers, in-floor volleyball standards, and other athletic equipment